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Readers are discovering—and demanding—magazine apps that provide an engaging and interactive content experience. Now, your organization has a tremendous opportunity to entertain, educate and motivate more qualified customers by adopting a tablet strategy!

What Are DCP’s Custom Magazine Apps for Tablets?
DCP’s Tablet Apps are publications that allow users to interact directly with content—read, touch, tap, share and buy. The apps don’t just mirror the pages of printed publications, they are designed specifically for the tablet and deliver the ultimate interactive experience to users.

Who Can You Reach?
The market is enormous. 109 iPads per minute were sold in 2011, and more than 60 million new iPads will be purchased in 2012. Additionally, millions of other tablets, including Android and Kindle Fire, are expanding the market.

Engaged Customers
Magazine apps offer content that is optimized for tablets, so users enjoy an interactive experience that fully engages them.

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Custom Distribution
Magazine apps can be distributed as private apps for select members, or broadly marketed on the most popular digital newsstands, such as the Apple App Store and Google Play. Whatever your strategy, magazine apps deliver a premium connection to your network of fans, members and customers.

Social Media

Magazine apps embed links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, so your customers can share your branded content with friends and associates. Magazine apps help integrate your media campaigns and customer interactions.

Why You Need Custom Content Solutions from DCP
With years of experience translating clients’ objectives into compelling multimedia formats, DCP excels at reinforcing brand value in effective, strategic and innovative ways.

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