Chevron Next

DCP's Advanced Tablet App

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Experience the next generation of advanced magazine tablet apps.

DCP has just released a new Advanced Tablet App for Chevron Corporation, called Next.

If you'd like to experience this new interactive app for yourself, click here or go to the iTunes store and search for "Chevron Next"—HD and non-HD versions available.

Multiple layers of content
DCP’s Advanced Tablet Apps offer a unique digital canvas that doesn’t constrain your publication to the edges of the device’s screen. Text can be free-scrolling or move in blocks; it can also be turned off to allow full-screen images on any layout.

Creative options for integrating video and audio.
Videos and audio can either be on a layer, scrolling with the text or the under text, or on auto-start, going full-screen and disappearing when done. You can even make custom control buttons. From the audio player, users can play and pause anytime.

Ability to embed interactive elements.
With our advanced tablet application, you can add the features you like and have the look you want. Want a slideshow? A 360-degree rotation? A form? Choose any of these features to showcase your business, products and services through DCP’s Advanced Tablet Apps.
Measure your success.

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